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The Fotocopy has the latest technology in graphic arts systems, for large format printing and equipment that guarantees incredible results whatever you need for in large format printing.

Prints on Tarpaulins

PVC tarpaulin is the most popular material for digital printing because it is extremely resistant to outdoor conditions, while the cost is very affordable. Its texture is usually matte and available in roll sizes from 1 to 5 meters wide. 

Διάτρητος Μουσαμάς​-Mesh

The same perforated mesh material is used for both the perforated tarp and the mesh material. The types of tarps available may vary depending on the job being performed. There are many uses for PVC tarpaulin and it perfectly meets the requirements for every occasion.

Tarpaulin can be used in a number of ways to improve the appearance and quality of a building. The product is durable and can be printed on both sides.

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