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Original wedding and christening invitations made of materials such as Plexiglass and wood.


Together, we will capture your imagination with a range of unique items that will always represent your favorite moment and remain unchanged over time due to the quality materials and equipment we use.

You give us the idea and we implement it using the latest technology and years of experience. Working together, we can create a range of items that will stand the test of time thanks to the quality materials and equipment we use.

Special Structures: We can produce simple and special designs from metal, paper, wood and plexiglass, such as awards, souvenirs, protectors and special product packaging.

Below you can see a few examples of invitations for baptism that we can create in collaboration with you. What is your favorite idea; Tell us about your dream christening and we'll create custom invitations that reflecting your unique style and the christening event you are planning.

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